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Munich, March 2022


Munich, March 2022

ur analysis shows that some OEMs in Germany are spending up to half of their annual media budgets in Q4, the most expensive time of the year for advertising. Data shows consistently over time that this money is wasted, since concentrated spending does not translate into corresponding sales peaks. Instead, by leveraging data to improve their marketing planning and balancing spending throughout the year, these automakers could noticeably increase marketing efficiency.

Huge cost per visit and cost per NVR metrics for late spenders

Based on their marketing spending patterns, we split OEMs into two groups: larks, which plan early and allocate their media budget evenly across the year, and owls, which spend their media budget with a focus on the last quarter.

Over the past three years, we found that owls spent on average at least 50% more in the fourth quarter than the average of the previous three quarters. The bad news for this group is that spending more had no noticeable impact on website visits or new vehicle registrations (NVRs) in the final three months of the year. This means owls are spending 64% more per website visit and 58% more per NVR during that time. Berylls Mad Media works with clients to identify such money pits where budget is being wasted, to create a seamless loop between planning, financial tracking and campaign performance insights, and to drastically improve Marketing ROI.


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Sascha Kurth (1987) is a Principal at Berylls Mad Media, the Sales & Marketing Transformation unit of Berylls Group, a group of companies specializing in the automotive industry. He is an expert in building KPI & data-driven sales- and marketing-organizations and can look back on many years of experience in data-driven marketing and e-commerce environments.

Sascha Kurth has been advising automobile manufacturers in a global context since 2013. He has in-depth expert knowledge in the areas of goal-oriented sales & marketing planning, data management platforms & customer data platforms, e-commerce platforms, programmatic advertising, customer relationship management, smart KPIs and management dashboards.

Before joining Berylls Mad Media, he supported leading OEMs, e-mobility start-ups and fast moving consumer goods manufacturers in their sales and marketing transformation for PricewaterhouseCoopers