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Driving digital innovation

Berylls Digital Ventures is a digital product development and venturing firm. We are business product owners, data scientists, full-stack developers, software architects and venture builders.

We exist because software-driven products, electrification, and integration with customer ecosystems all put the traditional automotive domain under unprecedented pressure to change.

We help our clients in the automotive and mobility industry turn ideas and strategies into real-world ventures. And we put skin in the game too. Berylls Digital Ventures is the early-stage investment arm of Berylls, where we focus on great ideas reaching their full potential.

Service offering


We strive for a sustainable and viable future for mobility. That needs brave innovators along the entire mobility value chain. We help our clients become these innovators.

Our focus on building new businesses, scaling digital products & experiences, and funding promising start-up ideas is captured by our Loop for innovation. We believe in achieving success through short and fast iterations, regardless of whether we turn ideas into products, products into business models, or start-ups into scale-ups. We do so with a clear dedication to sustainability. As agents of end-to-end innovation, our Berylls Digital Ventures offering complements the overall Berylls Loop perfectly.

We are proud of our outstanding track record of helping clients overcome challenges in developing digital customer experiences that connect seamlessly to the physical world. We draw on our experience to create new business models that can develop into successful ventures that enable our staff and other partners to become entrepreneurs. We also commit our own capital and, where necessary, secure external funding from investors and partners who share our convictions.

We build businesses

We use a company builder model to help clients turn ideas into revenue-generating products and launch the next generation of start-ups within the automobility sector. 

In this we follow a three-phase model of ideation, validation, and incubation: it moves beyond pure proof-of-concept work to establishing a product-market fit from an early stage. 

The ideation phase is a continuous and agile process. We capture ideas and opportunities from a broad range of input sources, evaluate them against pre-defined hypotheses and build a prioritized backlog of key deliverables.  

  • Prioritized backlog of ideas based on potential and feasibility 
  • List of hypotheses to be tested as part of the validation phase 
  • Validated approach and proposal for MVP 

The validation phase takes hypotheses to the real world, seeking early customer engagement to prove the product-market fit and win early buy-in from investment stakeholders. 

  • Selection of most promising ideas for realization 
  • Prototype (with proof of concept) 
  • Initial customer feedback incorporated into solution description 
  • 100-day plan including product roadmap, technical roadmap, and financial and talent plans 

The incubation phase leverages the validation already achieved to fast-track product launch, creating a lean team set-up with a clearly defined owner, capable of rapid scaling. 

  • Ongoing support through advisor and SME network 
  • Growth plan for talent, team, and capabilities 
  • Improved business model, strengthened advertising activities and greater transparency on funding needs 
We develop and scale digital products

We go beyond providing digital tools as extensions to strategic projects with our clients. We develop digital products from prototyping to market launch, bringing ideas to life. 

We prototype with a market mindset. We explore and validate digital opportunities from all relevant perspectives, including technology, business model, market dynamics, and customer needs.  

We build digital products fast using our two-phase approach that leads to end-to-end solutions with scalable architectures.  


  • Explore and validate digital opportunities from multiple perspectives (including market, tech, business model)  
  • Quickly build a prototype and validate product-market fit with customers and stakeholders 


  • Building prototypes into digital products, implementing end-to-end solutions 
  • Scalable architectures are designed and implemented to give tangible outcomes 
We fund and accelerate start-ups

We leverage our strategic know-how and global network to accelerate start-up growth, drawing on our unmatched automobility industry and domain expertise, and our long-term relationships with key industry leaders. 

We have the track record and experience to identify “hidden” and emerging automobility segments and viable business cases, within a structured validation approach.  

We mentor start-up and emerging businesses through pitch deck acceleration, go-to-market calibration and business network design and development.  

We match innovative start-ups with investors, bringing in-house resources and external funding together through our unrivalled network of automobility clients and partners. 


  • Deep automobility industry and domain expertise 
  • Wide network and long-term connections with key industry influencers 
  • Experience in identifying “hidden” and emerging segments and viable business cases  


  • One-to-one start-up mentoring, pitch deck acceleration, business model, and go-to-market calibration 
  • Acceleration of start-up growth through access to key decision-makers, opinion leaders, and investors in the industry 
  • Matchmaking for potential investors 


  • Matchmaking with hidden champions 
  • Improved matching of start-ups’ technical capabilities with industry pain points 

Key figures

We accelerate automobility innovation
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Are you an early-stage founder with a focus on mobility? Do you want to get the full potential out of your idea? We help you to do so - through expertise, network, investment.

Let´s go!

Prospective clients

Innovation is a challenge for the ecosystem

We focus on supporting our clients to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing automobility ecosystem

For Investors

  • Portfolio validation accelerates value creation
  • We enable our clients to assess start-ups and improve investment returns

For New Businesses

  • Connect with decision-makers, experts, and mentors to power the business
  • We help build scalable products fast and set the optimal business model

For Incumbents

  • Design, build, and test transformative digital mobility solutions
  • We enable external innovation and internal digital solutions for efficiency and competitiveness

track record


We have successfully launched businesses, products, and ventures in the B2B and B2C segments.

Since 2018, Berylls Digital Ventures has focused on creating successful innovative, digital and data-centric products. Machine learning plays a key role, from the initial idea to continuous validation and data analysis, as well as creation of the finished digital product.

Our team based in Berlin has the experience and skills, as well as a focus on agile working, to help clients become cutting-edge entrepreneurs. Here are some of our projects:

Product Build

Lifestyle Configurator

Successfully bridge the emotional gap between vehicle order and handover through…

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Business Build


The AUTO100 Index is the representative index for the global auto industry across…

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Product Build

Stock Allocation

Helping vehicle manufacturers to route their assets to the best location at any…

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Product Build

Mercedes-Benz Digital Anticipation Platform

Bridging the waiting phase through communication via a digital portal.
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Product Build


elyvate is a Berylls software-as-a-service (SaaS) operations tool tailored for…

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Product Build


The BDV Start-up Radar is a one-stop solution that scouts trends and aggregates…

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Product Build

Mobility demand forecast

We developed an internal tool to predict mobility demand.

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Product Build

Automotive Heartbeat

Automotive Heartbeat tracks and interprets the interacting dynamics of automotive…
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Product Build


CarMA is a smart iOS application that saves precious time for automotive retailers…

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Business Build


Krank is a further evolution of an existing used heavy-machinery and commercial-vehicle…

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Business Build


Multi-brand car matchmaker. Caroosy is the multi-brand evolution of our award-winning…

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We supported Linz-based Kontrol GmbH in professionalizing…

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Bambi Dynamic

We supported a progressive embedded insurance player…

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We supported a Turkey-based electrified micro-mobility…

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We are Berylls Digital Ventures


Dr. Matthias Kempf

The Berylls difference is a combination of things: working at the absolute spearhead of industry transformation in teams that are absolute experts in their field, and doing so in a family environment that demands a lot, but also offers a lot of freed…

Lead Venture Associate

Daniel Willenbrink

Berylls industry expertise and BDV's unique approach form the strong foundation to reshape the future of mobility in times of transformation as part of a great team.

Lead Venture Associate

Johan Torssell

Developing scalable products, investing in upcoming start-ups, and providing advice to help companies achieve excellence. This is where knowledge truly is leveraged to maximise societal impact for a bright future, that makes BDV different.


Lois Yang

My expectation of a dream job contains three phases: opportunity for self-development, possibility for leaning new skills, reliability for sustainable growth. And Berylls has them all!


Dr. Jan Burgard

I will never forget the moment when the first digital product brought a PowerPoint concept to life. I never want to miss that feeling again. In the meantime, we have taken another step: we no longer just develop on behalf of customers, but we develop…

cooperation partners

Experts like us

Fraunhofer IAIS

The Fraunhofer IAIS is a leading institute for applied research in the field of Big Data and artificial intelligence. A decade of experience and a deep knowledge of the latest research methods make the institute the perfect partner for Berylls. Its data scientists and IT specialists work on projects where big amounts of data have to be made accessible. This data is analyzed and made usable for the client, for example via machine learning. Together, we help clients become data-driven companies. Using innovative analysis techniques, Berylls and the Fraunhofer IAIS develops customized and sustainable Big Data strategies and products for clients.


SBN Data Technologies

Like Berylls, SBN Data Technologies does not develop standard products but rather designs, develops and operates tailor-made software systems. The SBN specialists create complex, reliable and professional software systems – from the architecture to software development and implementation. These skills make SBN a key partner for Berylls when it comes to implementing demanding software solutions. Both companies have been working together for many years, building a close relationship to develop agile software for clients across the automotive industry.


SMAL is Berylls' strategic partner when it comes to the creative implementation, design and development of digital solutions. Together with Berylls, SMAL develops concepts, MVPs (minimum viable products), front ends, videos and other visual components. It has worked on many Berylls’ projects, providing the perfect balance of innovation, design and intuitive usability. Together, we have created and implemented successful, innovative digital access points that work with various devices and browsers.


Linden Capital

Linden Capital provides venture capital for early-stage companies with new digital solutions. We provide technology and business models as well as access to a global network of entrepreneurs, industry experts and research institutes. We are specialists in entrepreneurial innovation, well-connected within the German mid-sized corporate sector and work with family offices and other investors to support the next generation of entrepreneurs.


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