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At Berylls we believe in the future of automobility, passionately. And in view of our unrelenting drive to find solutions for our clients and for our industry it is only natural that we invest in and build automobility ventures of our own.  

Through our portfolio we support the automobility industry’s ongoing transformation by creating ventures that deliver products and services that make automobility digital, electric and sustainable. 

Our portfolio of companies and ventures evolves as our industry evolves. Currently it centers on autonomous driving, e-mobility, digital sales enablement, and software-enabled operations, sales and aftersales solutions.  


The AUTO100 (WCAR) is an index that covers the 100 most relevant and promising publicly listed automobility companies worldwide. The index only includes companies that generate most of their revenue within the automotive industry. They are chosen through strict multi-stage selection criteria based on industry know-how and analysis of fundamental data. Because the index represents the entire industry ecosystem it offers a uniquely comprehensive picture of the global automotive industry.


Sauer Charging Solutions

Sauer Charging Solutions is a joint venture between Sauer Product GmbH and Berylls Group GmbH. The aim of the company is the creation of newly-developed product solutions for electrically operated charging flap modules for battery electric vehicles.
Both joint venture partners contribute their core competencies to the company. Sauer Product has strong competencies as a systems supplier for plastic components and modules and already supplies specialized components to major premium and luxury OEMs. Berylls Group GmbH as the active private equity investor supports Sauer Charging Solutions not only in raising capital but also in the strategic positioning of the company, and with Berylls’ valuable experience in company-building takes responsibility for extending and growing the organization.


Heinrich Huhn

Heinrich Huhn, based in South Westphalia, is a medium-sized automotive supplier in the metal forming sector. Heinrich Huhn supplies its automotive Tier 1 customers with everything from metal formed parts to complex assemblies. From development to series production, the company covers the entire process chain. Production currently takes place at two locations in Germany (Drolshagen-Hützemert and Drolshagen-Scheda) and at a plant in Slovakia (Vrable).


WALL-E has set itself the goal of sustainably encouraging the success of electromobility by boosting the availability of private charging infrastructure. To achieve this, WALL-E offers its customers an all-inclusive package from a single source: a free premium wall box and professional and timely installation services. The offer includes comprehensive electromobility and charging infrastructure consulting.

Founded in 2017, Kontrol has led the charge in the automated mobility space related to regulatory compliance. Kontrol is headquartered in Austria, with offices in Germany, the US, and China.


People who buy or sell heavy machinery understand the power of relationships: now with Krank, they can unlock the power of their network to buy and sell like never before. Krank is a heavy equipment marketplace where users can connect and network securely for sales today and in the future. They can grow their businesses exponentially, connecting and communicating with customers, suppliers and business partners by listing and tagging inventory, and posting news 24/7 via the Krank app.

MEKU provides system solutions, highly complex industrial parts and components for companies within the automotive supplier and plastics industry. Key focus is the development and production of mechatronic systems for applications in e-mobility.


eLeap Power

eLeapPower’s technology brings truly green mobility to the automotive sector by enabling EVs to charge directly from renewable energy sources and even put clean power back into the grid - a feature that will help shape our society’s future energy infrastructure.



The CarPass® in its simplest form is the data ID card for vehicles and thus the basis for all business models in the automotive data sector. It was developed to allow accessing personal vehicle information, such as mileage, within the framework of the applicable data and consumer protection laws.



Rethink Ventures is a specialist fund focused on mobility, automotive and logistics innovators leading the transformation towards a digital, clean and sustainable future. Rethink Ventures’ focus in the transportation sector centers on vehicle technologies, mobility, logistics and energy.



We help automotive companies to save time and money in task force management by using elyvate.
elyvate is a SaaS operations tool developed by Berylls. It enables task force management as well as an easy way to track and report project updates across desktop & mobile.

Hatz Components

We provide industry know-how, execution capabilities and our extensive industry network on top of required capital for internationalization, automation and efficiency initiatives. Our growth strategy will equally build on organic growth and add-on acquisitions. Operationally, we ensure a swift and smooth separation from Motorenfabrik Hatz by actively managing certain carve-out projects ourselves.


Huhn Teckentrup

The realigned and profitably growing HUHN Group provides a Good Home forthe automotive business of the insolvent Teckentrup GmbH + Co. KG. We willfully integratHUHN Teckentrup into the HUHN Group due to the complementary technological competencies and to leverage substantial synergies. Our plan is the formation of a globally positioned supplier of coining, stamping and forming technology as a strategic system partner for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.