Enabling green mobility

Who we are

Sustainable value creation

Berylls Green Mobility is a venturing firm that builds new businesses around green and sustainable technology. We are CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CPOs and COOs who build ventures that deliver products and services that make automobility sustainable.

Berylls Green Mobility is about green values that endure. We walk the talk by leading the charge to green mobility end-to-end, from conception to completion.


Driving sustainability

Sustainability has gone from being a buzzword to becoming one of the biggest challenges facing the automotive industry. Rising climate risks, stricter regulation, growing investor attention, and increasing demand for low-emission mobility solutions are increasing the pressure on companies, and demand innovative solutions.

We don't simply want to help our customers and collaboration partners find their way to sustainable, green mobility; we want to drive the change. We want to inspire the automotive industry to a new understanding of what is possible by making sustainability a viable and profitable reality through new products that we develop first.


Berylls Green Mobility

At Berylls Green Mobility we take ideas, ideals and ambitions and make them real. We believe that sustainability will deliver competitive advantages in the real world of the global automobility business.

We showcase our approach through breakthrough innovations such as our electric vehicle charging service WALL-E – the first free-to-the-user e-mobility infrastructure initiative which is helping convert drivers’ interest in e-mobility into a roadgoing reality.

We have a long track record of success in the transition to e-mobility, and we apply this experience in our own ventures and collaborations, as well as in our strategic investments.

Investment Portfolio


While acting as a business accelerator, Berylls Green Mobility also invests in and builds our own ventures and businesses designed to close existing gaps in the market. Our current portfolio of companies includes:


WALL-E has set itself the goal of boosting the provision of private charging infrastructure. To achieve this, WALL-E offers its customers an all-inclusive package from a single source: a free premium wallbox and professional and timely installation services. The offer includes comprehensive electromobility and charging infrastructure consulting.

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The pace of innovation and the rapidly growing sales of battery electric vehicles – especially in the premium segment – were what prompted Sauer Product and the Berylls Group to enter the market with a unique and attractive vehicle charging flap. Sauer Charging Solutions, headquartered in Dieburg, aims to scale the business quickly with the help of strong interest from premium OEMs and suppliers.

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