Semi-annual index rebalancing: WidsomTree Berylls LeanVal global automotive innovators index

Munich, October 2023


Munich, August 2022

ew things shape modern life as much as individual mobility. Be it as an expression of freedom and individuality, or as an economic driver. 

To reflect this, we have developed the WisdomTree Berylls LeanVal Global Automotive Innovators Index – the WTCAR. It tracks the performance of the 100 most relevant publicly listed automobility players worldwide.

By design, the WTCAR covers the industry’s entire value chain – from vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, to dealer groups, and providers of mobility services or infrastructure.

Rebalancing updates

The automotive industry experienced a severe blow from the capital markets in 2022, and the recent decline in stock prices has wiped out most of the gains that the sector had made from the pandemic lows.

Now, there are still several major effects impacting the global capital markets. First, central banks remain committed to fighting inflationary pressures and have incrementally raised interest rates as a strategic countermeasure over the past months, slowing down the recovery of the economy. Second, supply shortages caused by the Covid-19 crisis is continuously moving into the rear-view mirror, allowing for a more opti- mized production utilization. Third, political influences like the Inflation Reduction Act in the US, the war in the Ukraine, and the pressures bet- ween China and Taiwan are continuing to influence the developments at the global capital markets.

Berylls Insight
Semi-annual index rebalancing: WidsomTree Berylls LeanVal Global automotive innovators index
Dr. Jan Burgard

Berylls Group CEO

Malte Broxtermann

Associate Partner

Björn Simon

Senior Consultant

Jakob Rüchardt


Dr. Jan Burgard

Dr. Jan Burgard (1973) is CEO of Berylls Group, an international group of companies providing professional services to the automotive industry.

His responsibilities include accelerating the transformation of luxury and premium OEMs, with a particular focus on digitalization, big data, connectivity and artificial intelligence. Dr. Jan Burgard is also responsible for the implementation of digital products at Berylls and is a proven expert for the Chinese market.

Dr. Jan Burgard started his career at the investment bank MAN GROUP in New York. He developed a passion for the automotive industry during stopovers at an American consultancy and as manager at a German premium manufacturer. In October 2011, he became a founding partner of Berylls Strategy Advisors. The top management consultancy was the origin of today’s Group and continues to be the professional nucleus of the Group.

After studying business administration and economics, he earned his doctorate with a thesis on virtual product development in the automotive industry.

Malte Broxtermann

Malte Broxtermann (1986) joined the Berylls team in 2014. After extensive experience as emergency medical technician, he has been working in consulting since 2012. He helps customer to leverage digital strategies & products across the entire automotive value chain. He is an expert in deploying machine learning-powered applications. As Partner at Berylls’ own unit for digital solutions, Berylls Digital Ventures, he focuses on scaling start-ups as part of our venturing practice.
Studied economics and international business at Maastricht University (Netherlands) and Queen’s University (Canada).